Healing Through Energy and Spirituality

“The flower essence solution you gave me has allowed me to sleep better and wake refreshed, ready to face the day. It has been a long time since I have felt this confident and less stressed. Thank you!” (LA)

“Jackie's knowledge and intuition was dead on, I can't believe how she was able to find the best flower essence combination for me! I am really stunned how effective the flower essences are, I completely shifted out of some negative energy and began to feel like myself again and regained my motivation! I would highly recommend flower essences, they were pivotal in helping balance a lot of emotions that I was stuck in!” (ER)

“My distance session with Jackie was so healing. I could feel the energy moving around me and had relief from my sinus headache. I could feel her holding my intention for healing so strongly and I felt immense peace. I was able to relax and feel connected to my heart, it felt warm and expansive. I am very grateful for Jackie’s gift of Healing Touch!!” ER

"This was awesome! I haven't felt this relaxed in ages." PC

"Back & hip feel much better today. Thank you so much." JD

“I wanted to THANK you for all you have done over the last few months. You have helped me maneuver the many changes in my life because of my medical situation. I really believe that my time with Healing Touch has been better than I ever expected. In our sessions, you help me work on balance -physically, mentally, emotionally etc. - I'm finding that that balance is lasting much longer throughout the week. I am able to pause, breathe and reflect on the moment. This is a great gift!

I know that you work very hard to assess the current needs and focus on my current weakness. I am always amazed that you have the ability to know about some area of concern without me even mentioning it! You really do have a special ability. Again, thank you and I look forward to our next session.” OL

"Wow! I have to admit I was a bit skeptical, but open to new ideas. The experience definitely exceeded my expectations! I left feeling more relaxed with decreased aches and pains that I came with. Looking forward to more visits with Jackie for sure!" SV

"Thanks to you too for the help clearing my spirit so I could be open to change." BE

"Thank you for the beautiful healing experience today. I look forward to our healing journey together." QS

"Feeling really good today! Haven't felt this good in a long time!" SR

"It was an awesome session, thank you." LI

"After surgery I awoke within five minutes in recovery and I have had an easier recovery with less medication compared with my other knee a year ago." ID

Please email your thoughts and questions to me at jmarshallht@gmail.com