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Key Discoveries in Energy Healing
by Dr. Shamini Jain

A randomized controlled trial RCT from researchers at the University of Iowa found that healing touch, compared to relaxation and treatment as usual, reduced depression and maintained natural killer cell activity in cervical cancer patients undergoing chemoradiation.16 Another randomized, placebo-controlled trial at UC San Diego investigated hands-on-healing for breast cancer survivors and found improvements in cortisol rhythms for cancer survivors getting actual healing, but not those getting mock healing or getting nothing at all.17 More recent placebo-controlled studies with animals and cells at the University of Arizona, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and University of Connecticut have reported effects of human biofield healing on tumor metastasis and immune responses, tumor growth and related cytokines, and microvascular leakage in response to stress.

Jain, Shamini "Key Discoveries in Energy Healing." Energy Magazine™July/August 2020: pages 25-29.