Benefits & History

Healing Through Energy and Spirituality


        • Increases Relaxation

        • Decreases Anxiety/Tension/Stress

        • Aids in pain reduction

        • Aids in Wound Healing

        • Prepares for pre-op & improves post-op

        • Aids in strengthening Self-Esteem

        • Manages/Decreases side effects of treatments

Healthcare sites that offer HT

  • Bethesda North Hospital

  • Children’s Hospital

  • Christ Hospital

  • Good Samaritan Hospital

  • Hospice of Cincinnati

  • Jewish Hospital – Mercy Health

  • Mercy Fairfield

  • Meadowbrook Care Center

  • Shriners Burn Hospital for Children

  • Vista Care Hospice

Issues can begin in the energy field

before symptoms are noticed.

Healing Touch can help you help yourself.

Energy Healing Disclaimer

Healing Touch is a gentle, complementary energy based approach to health and healing that can assist your body in its natural ability to heal.

Healing Touch is a complementary therapy not intended to replace any currently prescribed medical treatments as ordered by any physician nor any other medical care.

Janet Mentgen

History of Healing Touch

“Healing Touch Program was developed by Janet Mentgen, BSN, RN, HNC, HTCP/I, a holistic nurse from Denver, Colorado who practiced and taught energy-based care starting in the 1980s. She was actively involved in leadership with the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA). In 1988, Janet was honored as the Holistic Nurse of the Year by AHNA for her outstanding accomplishments in the field of holistic nursing.

In 1989, Healing Touch was offered as a pilot program at the University of Tennessee in Memphis and in Gainesville, Florida. In 1990, AHNA began supporting Janet’s privately owned program by offering continuing education contact hours.” Healing Touch Program Notebook Level 1, pg. 8.