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  • Healing Touch helped me to balance myself and my life...you decide if Healing Touch can help your Healing Pathway.
  • Allow Healing Touch techniques to strengthen you on your Healing Pathway.
  • I admire that you are taking that first step for yourself...this will positively touch others in your life. Call me: 513-432-4117 please.

About Healing Touch

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Mission Statement

To help others improve physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually,

using Healing Touch techniques.

"If you use the metaphor of your body as a car, then your heart is its engine. It powers your body but if the tires are flat, or you run out of fuel, you aren't going very far. Each part of your car and/or body is important and works collaboratively with every other part to get you out and about. Sadly, most people take better care of their cars than their body and although I am not a mechanic, I can perform basic maintenance on my body." Quote from Neinaber, Jeannette M. MEd. The Heart in You, pg. 19